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Bupa Insurance Digital Agency

Background & Objective

Bupa had a ‘switch to Bupa’ page on the website which needed a user experience and design overall. One of the main problems with the page is that it only catered for “decided” switchers – those who had already made the decision to change health insurance to Bupa.  The page did not cater for the important group of “undecided switchers” who were comparing the market with switching health insurance in mind, but who had not actually made the decision to move companies just yet.

What Was Done

Working with the Bupa in-house team & their appointed agencies, a new style of landing page was developed focusing on a “long style landing page”.  The page was 5 times longer than one of the standard pages, and is packed full of information convincing users to switching to Bupa. This new page caters for both the decided and undecided switchers and really highlighted the Bupa unique value proposition, all on one page. The page also benefited from a new suite of FAQ’s that are commonly asked by switchers.


The new landing page helped to drive Product Quote up by 57% with PHI sales up by 50% within the first few months of launching.


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